P Menu allows you to adjust settings of your KOMOTO P700. 

These settings allow you to turn on cruise control to limiting max speeds for sport mode. 

  • To engage the P Menu your KOMOTO P700 needs to be on. 
  • Then you need to hold both power and menu buttons at same time. 
  • Once you see P0 you will know you are in the correct menu. 


Below shows what each P settings means. In the menu 0 being OFF and 1 being ON

  • Power button will allow you to select and the menu button will let you change though options. 
  • To save, you must hold both buttons to restore the normal the operation of scooter.
  • You will no longer see the P menu but 00.

P0 = Kilometers/Miles per hour setting (0=kph / 1=mph)

P1 = Cruise-control setting (0=off / 1=on)

P2 = Kick-push to start setting (0=off / 1=on)

P3 = Wheel Size Setting: Pre-set based on 8” or 10” wheel size – DO NOT CHANGE

P4 = Maximum speed-limit setting (FF=full-function or 20mph / 25kmh or 15.5mph / 20kmh or 13mph)

Turning off P2 kick push to start is extremely dangerous! It will also lower your battery life and range of your KOMOTO. DO NOT TURN THIS OFF!