• We do not RECOMMEND to turn off "Push to Kick". 
  • It is very DANGEROUS due to your unit taking off at anytime when it is on.
  • Your battery life will drop due to not giving the first "kick" of energy when moving the KOMOTO P700.

  1. Press and Hold both "Power" and "Menu" buttons. This will activate your P Menu.
  2. Once in the P Menu you press the "Menu" button to select down to P2.
  3. Press "Menu" button to select.
  4. You will see either 1 = ON or 0 = OFF.
  5. Press "Menu" button to select 1 = ON or 0 = OFF.
  6. Press the "Power" button to finalize your selection.
  7. In the Main P Menu hold both "Power" and "Menu" buttons to save your options.