Your KOMOTO P700 comes set to the lowest set speed for sport mode (13mph). To achieve the top speed of 20mph you will need to adjust the P4 menu. 

Sport mode is when "D" is red on main display.

To learn more about P sub menus you can click here.

  1. To get into the P sub menu hold both the Power and Menu buttons. 
  2. Once done correctly you will see the P menu. 
  3. Use the Menu button to select though the menus. 
  4. Go to P4. Hit the power button to select. 
  5. After you use the menu button to select the speed setting you want.

20 (13mph), 25 (15.5mph), FF (20mph). 

  • Select the top speed you want for Sport mode. 
  • After selecting the top speed you will need to use the power button to select. 
  • Once at the main P menu you will need to save by holding both Power and Menu buttons at the same time. 
  • Restoring your KOMOTO P700 to normal screen showing 00.