You just got your new best friend and you are so excited to go on a ride. 

There are a few things we recommend and few things you NEED to know before your very first ride.

Always wear a helmet. It just makes sense, otherwise that one time you do fall it won't end up with brain trauma or even DEATH! Its not if, but WHEN you will fall off your KOMOTO P700.

Keep your head on SWIVEL at all times! Never trust ANYONE!Always wear a helmet. 

Never take your hands off handle bars during operation. Just don't do it! Experienced or not anything can happen. Less than one second will equal some very bad news.

Always be on look out for pot holes to debris in the road at all times!

Charging your KOMOTO P700 will take average time of 4 to 6 hours depending on your battery's size and how discharged. Always place charger/power source on running board when charging. It will get warm/hot. This is normal. More information Click Here!

Never charge your battery right after use. Wait 30 minutes before charging to allow battery chemistry to stabilize. Letting the battery cool down is always a good idea.

Cruise control is a feature that can make riding more enjoyable and also more dangerous. Need to watch when going up inclines and over large bumps, so you do not lose control of your KOMOTO P700.

Always a good idea to use cruise control on flat smooth wide open areas.

Store your KOMOTO P700 indoors and not outside. Your scooter will last much longer if kept inside away from elements. Do not charge outside but only indoors. Do not charge in cold weather below 40 degrees.

Your KOMOTO P700 is only waterproof when battery is in place and your scooter is not folded.
DO NOT store your KOMOTO P700 in your car trunk or other hot places. If you do store your KOMOTO P700 in a hot place. Then remove the battery and store battery in a cool safe place. Heat will hurt your battery. Storing in a car for short times will not hurt it. Just leaving in hot car all the time can wear down the battery like any electronic device.

When using your KOMOTO P700 in wet conditions you will need to make sure to oil/lube the brake cable and rear bearings. Marvel Mystery Tool oil or WD40 or your favorite spray lube will work.

If you do not do this it will cause brakes to not function as smoothly and will make bearings loud. This is not something that is needed often unless you drive wet conditions.