There are a few factors in what would make the range of your KOMOTO M1100 be as expected.

Temperature - When the temperature is under 60F range will go down. At 45F and under you will see 40% to 50% drop in range. This is due to temperature not being optimal for the lithium batteries.

Warmer days will give better ranges. Over 95F be careful while operating. This can damage the battery.

Tire Pressure - If your tires are below 35 to 40psi of pressure you will not same maximum ranges. For max range put your tires at 40psi.


Cruise Control - Using cruise control will save battery life. More times you throttle up and down the less battery life you will have. This feature not just makes riding more enjoyable but also saves battery life. By not spooling your motor up and down constantly to the peak wattage it allows for better battery discharge. 

Be careful with inclines and turning while cruise control is activated. 

Speed - Traveling at top speeds will drain your battery faster. The slower the speed you go the longer the range you will have. Using Eco mode will extend your range since your KOMOTO M1100 will not accelerate as fast. Using kickstart also helps save battery life. Speeding up and down will use more battery than keeping a constant speed. 

Top speeds only happen the first half of the battery discharge. Then battery sag kicks in allowing for top speeds of 19mph to 20mph.

Battery Age - Batteries are consumable items. Overtime they will wear out. After so many cycles (600 to 800) your battery will not have the same range as new. It will still work just won't have the maximum ranges advertised.

Store your battery indoors. DO NOT store outside or freezing temperatures.

Rider Weight - The lighter the rider the higher range will be. A 160lbs person is how ranges are determined. The heavier the rider the shorter your range will be. Maximum weight is 330lbs. Anything over this weight will cause your KOMOTO M1100 to slow down and also put extra wear on the motor. Range is very dependent on weight.

Tire pressure plays a big role the more you weigh.

Amount of Wind - Days will high amounts of wind will limit your range. This is due to your body being like a sail catching all the wind. The more wind the less range you will have.

Windy days will reduce ranges by 30% on average.

Inclines Traveled When going up lots of hills you will use more battery power. Going down hills you can "regenerate" by brake and coasting down the hill, this will help recover some battery power. No matter what, you will always use more energy going up hills than you will get back going down them. Make sure if traveling up lots of hills they are no greater than 30 degree inclinesLarger inclines will cause the scooter to slow down and wear out the motor/battery due to extra load. Not designed to go up steep hills.

KOMOTO M1100 is designed for hill climbing. Going up hills that are larger than 30 degrees will hurt your motor and void your warranty!