KOMOTO M1100 electric glides have 10 inch tubeless tires. 

They can be filled with a normal bicycle air pump. 

DO NOT USE AN AIR COMPRESSOR to fill your tires.

  • Replacement tubeless tires can be found here.

On arrival your tires may not be the correct pressure.

Before shipment your KOMOTO's tires are put to the correct PSI. During shipment some pressure could be lost.

All KOMOTO M1100 electric glides picked up in store are set to correct air pressure.

  • We recommend 35 to 45 psi for best tire wear and range. 
  • If you want more comfort during your ride set your tire pressure lower. 
  • You can set as low as 35 psi. If set lower your tires will wear at a much faster rate.
  • Higher tire pressure of 40 to 50 psi can be used for less tire wear, but less comfort.

DO NOT use air compressor when filling tires! Bike pump ONLY!