Cruise control is an option we only recommend for experienced operators. Turing off Cruise control will lower your range.

  1. Once activated in the P1 menu, it will allow you to hold set speeds without using the throttle. By holding the throttle for 8 seconds you will hear a beep engaging the cruise control.
  2. Using your brakes will instantly stop cruise control. 
  3. To activate again, you will need to repeat the process of holding your current speed for 8 seconds to engage cruise control.
  4. Turn scooter on. Then hold power and menu buttons at the same time. 
  5. This will activate the P menu.
  6. Use the menu button to select P1 and Power button "enter" the menu. 
  7. Once in the P1 menu you will need to activate cruise control by setting number from 0 to 1. 
  8. Then hit Power button to go back to main P menu. Then hold both Power and Menu buttons to save.