When charging your KOMOTO M1100 you will see one light on the power source that turns green or red.

Green means battery is fully charged and red means battery still charging. 

Place charger/power source on running board when charging. It will get warm/hot to the touch. This is normal.

  • Charge time varies between 7 to 8 hours. 
  • Once charged, make sure you unplug the battery from the power source as soon as possible once the light turns green from red
  • Always put silicon charging plug into charging port when not in use.
  • Put charging brick on running board when charging. It will get warm/hot.
DO NOT LEAVE the battery plugged in for over 24hrs as it will put extra wear on Battery Management System.
All KOMOTO M1100s have fireproof battery packs. This does not mean that you can put into a fire.

  • Do not charge the battery right after use. 
  • Allow 30 mins for battery cells to stabilize. This will ensure you get max cycle life out of your battery pack(s). 

  • Your KOMOTO M1100 will engage low power mode once you hit below 20% (1 bar).

Always charge the battery when the voltage hits 20% or lower (one battery bar).

  • BMS (battery management system) prevents this kind of damage, but you still need to charge when below 20% to extend the life of your batteries.  If you leave your battery at low voltage for extended times it will cause premature battery wear.

Very important to never leave your battery fully discharged below 20% for long periods of time, since this will cause damage to the battery cells.