There are three ways to adjust your KOMOTO P700 brakes. 

The most effective and simplest method to adjusting your performance Xtech brake caliper is by the black screw on the caliper. 

  1. Look at the end of brake wire you will see black spin nut. 
  2. Loosen the nut and then adjust clockwise to tighten. 
  3. Over tightening the brakes you will hear metal noise due to the pads touching the rotor. 
  4. Once adjusted, put the spin nut back in place to ensure does not loosen while in operation.

Second way is to adjust the brake cable. 

  1. You loosen the screw with a 5mm Allen Key and pull the wire though. 
  2. Shortening the wire length will tighten the brake pads. 
  3. This is something you only have to do after long period of ownership. Otherwise always adjust at the brake caliper first.
Remember to always spin rear wheel while adjusting to make sure brake pads do not touch the disc rotor.

  1. The third way to adjust your brake is at the top of your brake handle. 
  2. There is a similar spin nut that is on your custom Xtech disc brakes. 
  3. Turn counterclockwise to tighten the brakes. Be careful not adjust too much at one time.
  4. This will adjust the brake cable distance to tighten your brakes.