If your KOMOTO is making front creaking noise while operating it could be one of two things. 


With your KOMOTO P700 a 5mm Allen Key is included in the charger box. This is used to tighten the front folding lock.

  1. On the silver part of folding mechanism you will see 5mm Allen Key.
  2. Tighten this screw when scooter is in the folding open position, but not locked. 
  3. You will only need to do half turns when tightening.

Make sure not to make it too tight or it will make it too hard to unlock the folding mechanism. 


If you still are getting a noise after tightening your front folding screw on your KOMOTO P700.

It could be the two sliver screws in the lower collar of the folding mechanism. 

We recommend if you remove these screws to re-tighten that you use Loctite 243 or blue thread-locker.

Make sure you tighten the screws snug but be careful to not snap the screw head/strip.