Depending on your battery type you have so many cycles before battery will lose max capacity.

  • 10ah removable battery has about 500 cycles.
  • 12.8ah Panasonic removable battery has between 700 to 900 cycles.

After your battery has aged it will still work. It will just not be at max capacity and range of when it was brand new.

DO NOT store inside your car or any place that gets hot. This will damage your battery.
  • It is best to charge your battery right before use. 
  • If you are planning on using it the next day it is fine to max charge your battery.
  • If not using for 2 to 3 weeks or more below is what is recommend long term battery health. 
DO NOT Charge your battery right after use. Let the battery cells stabilize for up to 30 mins and to cool down after use. Charging right after use will put extra wear on your battery.

Long term Storage

  • When storing your KOMOTO P700 for more than 2 weeks make sure to not store at max capacity. 
  • Better to store at 4 bars and charge right before use than top off your battery.

If storing for longer periods of time make sure to follow the directions below.  

  • Store your battery at 50% to 60% capacity (2 to 3 bars) when your KOMOTO P700 is not going to be used for 1 month or more. This will extend your batteries life.
  • Leaving at max capacity will put extra wear on your battery over time. 
  • Leaving your battery at 20% or less for long periods of time will also hurt your battery.
Make sure to check your battery every 2 to 3 months when not in use. You may have to top it off after a few months with a little 15 min to 30 min charge. You do not want your battery to fully discharge while in storage!